I can haz commit access and other updates

I can haz commit accessIn this week’s update on Kivy and Plyer, I have been granted commit access to the repository. Yay! And thanks everyone in the community for considering me responsible enough 😛

As a result I did some obligatory maintenance work and clean up the repo post my code merges. Doing that I also realized that we need a git hook to do all code style checking before any push. I think the standard Python PEP8 checker should suffice. I will work towards adding it in the coming week.

Also, I worked on a new battery status facade on Plyer. I have implemented the lowest common denominator set of features for now and we can query whether the device is connected to a power supply and its battery’s charge percentage. I also have access to some platform information which can be added as well if need. May be under extras or a specially marked category.

If you have been following my updates, you’d have noticed that I haven’t made much progress on iOS as yet. This is because we haven’t had any success running Kivy on a simulator and I don’t have access to a real device. Brousch and I have decided to get community help for any tips on this issue.

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