Kivy Updates from the First Week

As I announced in my previous post, I will be working with the Python Sotware Fundation to contribute towards the Kivy’s Plyer project this summer. And I’ll be posting regular updates about the developments here.

This week, I had to spend a significant amount of time trying to debug this nasty bug in python-for-android. It was critical bug to fix, as it was blocking me to try out kivy apps on Android. After a few blind attempts to tackle this problem by trying to find any missing dependencies or looking for any regression with the Kivy code, we finally narrowed it down to be a P4A issue with the build directories. After long hours of debugging quanon, brousch and I were able to find a temporary work-around for the problem. We should soon expect a fix on this from quanon.

Next, I reviewed some of the Plyer’s pending pull requests about the SMS facade, and providing email support on desktops. I think all four of these PRs are now ready to be merged after a couple of minor changes that I suggested.

Finally, I worked towards implementing the accelerometer facade on MacOSX. While, it happens to be a simple task on Linux, being an awesome OS; it was a bit hacky to do so on Mac by making use of the sudden motion sensors. Currently, we have kept this PR on hold to think about cleaner ways of providing support on different kinds of portable macs. So along with the camera facade, this is the second feature PR on which waiting on better ideas for implementation.

That’s about it from me till the next update!


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