Mid-Midterm Activities on Kivy

This week I continued our Plyer development. I worked on implementing the accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer sensors facades.

Although after a discussion with the community on IRC with tito and tshirtman, we realized that we may need to rework on some of these implementations to avoid the dependencies that we currently have. We intend to completely avoid any Java and Objective C code to access the platform APIs. Instead, we’d let Pyjnius (and Pyobjus) to directly use the classes provided by these operating systems.

But not all was lost. By working on these implementations I was able to have a better understanding of the architecture that we are aiming for and re-writing the specific portions from here would be much easier.

Apart from that, I was able to bring the accelerometer implementation on OS X to a closure. It was quite interesting to be read the sudden motion sensors available on Macbooks (mostly to safeguard the hard-disks) and use it as an accelerometer sensor:

Accelerometer on a Macbook
Using the sudden motion sensor on a Macbook Pro as an accelerometer.

I see that our list of pull requests has grown to a considerable size. In the coming week, I hope to resolve the problems pointed out with some of these and be able to merge them as well.

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