Maintenance work in progress

Continuing my work from last week I included a PEP8 style checker in the Plyer repository. I was able to borrow most of the code from the main Kivy project. This also included a git hook which runs a script to check for style errors after every commit. I also included a make hook rule to make it easier for the contributors to set that up.

But I had to do a lot more work after checking in the code. Our script threw a whole bunch of errors for the previously checked-in code that was submitted without any checks in place. Unfortunately, I had to fix most of them by hand. The silver lining on the cloud was that I managed to memorize all the conventions and unlearn my bad habits while styling code in the process.

While I was setting up the Makefile, I also set up the rules for building the Plyer docs using Sphinx. I also took this opportunity to revise some of the docstrings to make them explain things better. Hopefully the documentation will now make more sense to the readers.

This is how my final pull request looks like with all of the above changes. I think I touched nearly every source file in the project and ended up changing 37 files with 2,417 additions and 125 deletions. I hope I haven’t introduced any silly errors while doing that though.

In other updates, I have started parallel efforts for iOS facades. I am trying to get my hands on a real device and also working on running Kivy on a simulator in the background. There has been some prior work in this direction but we don’t have a final solution for this as yet. Hopefully, I will be able to find something here in the coming weeks.

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